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Ellen DuBois is also the author of I Never Held You: Miscarriage, Grief, Healing and Recovery .


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Hope Angel Bracelets

Hope Angel Bracelets: Different Meanings for Different People

by Ellen DuBois on 04/14/14

Hello and thank you for visiting Hope Angel Bracelets.

Since I began making these bracelets, I've learned the reasons for people ordering them are as different as we are.

Some people want to give one as an uplifting gift to encourage and inspire. Others want to wear one themselves as a way of remembering a loved one. Some people give Hope Angel Bracelets as birthday gifts, friendship gifts, teacher gifts and so on. Because each one is hand made by me, no two are exactly alike. I like that.

I've made bracelets for Mother's Day and many other holidays. Those who love their pets or have sadly lost one, often want the pawprint charm. I've made bracelets for dancers & music students as recital gifts. The list goes on and I'm inspired by those who have ordered from me. With each person comes a story, a reason behind the bracelet.

Because of this, making Hope Angel Bracelets is very close to my heart.

Hope Angel Bracelets have different meanings for different people, and they're all important to me.

Thanks again for visiting, and have a day filled with hope and angels.

Love and Light,


Happy Easter, Spring, Everything! Hope Angel Clear Crystal Bracelet

by Ellen DuBois on 04/07/14

It's finally beginning to feel like spring here in Massachusetts. Boy, what a winter!

I made this bracelet using all clear, round Swarovski crystal with what I call "bling" spacers in between each bead. Rather than use the groupings of Tibetan silver, I wanted this bracelet to have some extra sparkle. Why?

Well, it represents spring with its brighter, longer days; the sparkle of the ocean and more. It also has represents Easter. New life. The shine of God's promises. That's what the cross means- to me. One of the things about Hope Angel Bracelets is that they often mean different things to the person who is wearing one, or two, or three! I love the uniqueness of them. After all, we're unique creations :)

This pretty bracelet can be worn all year long and can be made in any color you choose. That's what Hope Angel Bracelets are about- you and what makes you feel happy, inspired and encouraged.

Have a wonderful day and I hope it's filled with angels :)


Remembrance Bracelets

by Ellen DuBois on 03/22/14


Thank you for stopping by.

I don't know if you're aware of this, but, in addition to making Hope Angel Bracelets I run a miscarriage support site. I've done it since 2006 and it's a very important part of my life.  The name of the site is MiscarriageHelp.com.

Actually, because my belief in angels is so strong, Hope Angel Bracelets came about as an off shoot to my miscarriage support site. It seemed natural to make bracelets that carried messages of hope, angels, healing,  faith, belief, comfort & support. These are bracelets that inspire and mean different things to different people.

This latest bracelet is for a woman who sadly miscarried in March. Her baby would have been due in September. That's why the aquamarine (March) and sapphire blue (September) colors of Swarovski crystal beads were chosen.

It did my heart so much good when I sent her a picture of this bracelet and she loved it- couldn't wait to get it. I know how much it means to her because I've lived through the same- miscarriage. I remember getting a very special necklace years ago after I lost my baby to miscarriage and it meant a great deal to me. It still does.

If I can bring any amount of comfort to someone, for whatever reason, by making these bracelets, I know I'm on the right path.

Thank you for visiting Hope Angel Bracelets. I have another bracelet to make right now for a mother who miscarried. My thoughts and prayers go out to her and to all who are hurting in any way.

Blessings to you. Have a day filled with hope and angels by your side.


Hope Angel Bracelets: Remembering a Boy

by Ellen DuBois on 03/20/14


Thank you for visiting Hope Angel Bracelets.

I received an order for three bracelets about three-four weeks ago. Two were made right away, but for the third, I needed a cross charm. I have some, but they are round discs with a cross cut out of the center. My wonderful customer, (very patient and sweet), wanted a cross. And so, I ordered them. First, I looked around for one locally. I didn't have much luck, and found what I thought would work for her online. After showing her a picture, she confirmed my feelings.

Several weeks later the small packet with 100 small, Tibetan silver (lead and nickel free) crosses in it arrived. Wow, it took a long time! That's not typical, but it does happen.

The beads are special because this bracelet was made for the woman's son who passed away. The color of the Swarovski crystal matches the rosary beads she had with her beloved boy.

I'll be mailing it today, and sending many thoughts and prayers right along with it.

May your day be filled with hope and of course...angels.


Hope Angel Bracelets: Greens, Clovers & Angel Wings

by Ellen DuBois on 03/16/14

Hello and thanks for stopping by Hope Angel Bracelets.

Well, Saint Patrick's Day is Monday, and I wanted to come up with something a little different for a St. Patty's Day bracelet. I found just what I was looking for!

This bracelets is made with jade green Swarovski crystal and very small emerald green beads. The small spacers in between the beads are also a darker green. The three greens compliment each other and the Tibetan silver spacers in groups of six add flair. I used one four leaf clover charm along with the angel wing charm and I think the combination turned out great, (if I dare say so myself). The bracelet pictured is a size small, so I just may have to give it to my mother :) I know she'd love it, and I'll make myself a medium, (7.5"), because I prefer to have my bracelets dangle a bit.

Have a wonderful day filled with hope and of course, angels!


My Angel Bracelet, Hope Angel Bracelets

by Ellen DuBois on 03/13/14

My Angel Bracelet, Hope Angel Bracelets

At the ending of the day when I'm weary, after a waterfall of tears have all been cried- and I'm feeling like the skies will always be dreary- nothing's there to fill the emptiness inside. I lay my head upon my favorite pillow- just close my eyes to block all the sorrow- wonderin' where I'll ever find the strength inside- to do it all again- tomorrow.

And then I feel it- inside me. I feel it- around me. Like a gentle hand just wiped away the tears- and held me close to wash away my fears. It's you, my angel, watching over me. And I know no matter what tomorrow brings, You'll be here to wrap me in your angel wings- your lovin' angel wings.

The sun comes up, it's time to face the day- and I think that things are going to be all right- But as the day wears on my nerves begin to fray- I feel the hollowness that creeps in every night. And like clockwork all the tears begin to fall- As I look at my reflection in the glass- the eyes looking back at me make me feel small- and I ask, my God, how long's this going to last? And then I feel it- inside me. I feel it- around me. Like a gentle hand just wiped away the tears- and held me close to wash away my fears. It's you, my angel, watching over me. And I know no matter what tomorrow brings, You'll be here to wrap me in your angel wings- your lovin' angel wings. (Thank God for your angel wings) © Ellen M. DuBois

Multi Color Hope Angel Bracelet- Beautiful Colors!

by Ellen DuBois on 03/09/14

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Hello and thanks for stopping by Hope Angel Bracelets.

I don't know if it's daylight savings time or what, but, I was inspired to make a multi color Hope Angel Bracelet. Thoughts of spring and all the fresh, beautiful colors certainly sparked this very pretty bracelet :) And boy, does it sparkle!

I used round, Swarovski crystal beads in a pattern of colors. I repeated the pattern twice to make this 7" bracelet. However, I can make it in whatever size you want- from small, (7") to XXL (9"). You name it, I can probably make it. I also make these for children, too, so if you'd like a little one, that's fine :)

Soon, I will be very busy making between 300-400 Hope Angel Bracelets to be sold as dance recital gifts. I've already started, but have a long way to go!

Have a wonderful day filled with Angels and Hope,


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by Ellen DuBois on 02/21/14

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Hope Angel Bracelets: Thinking of Green.

by Ellen DuBois on 02/19/14


Although the snow can be pretty, I think many of us have had it. I'm in Massachusetts, and this is one of the snowiest winters I remember.

So, I've been thinking a lot about the spring, green grass, the first flowers blooming, budding trees and warmer tempuratures! Saint Patrick's Day is coming up, too.

Thinking of all the wonderful greens inspired this bracelet. I hope you like this Saint Patrick's Day bracelet, which really can be worn all year long. It's got a four leaf clover charm for luck and an angel wing charm to remind you that your angels are always near.

Have a wonderful day, and thank you for visiting Hope Angel Bracelets.

Celebrate Love All Year Long- Hope Angel Bracelets With Heart

by Ellen DuBois on 02/11/14

I've been searching for the right heart charm for my Hope Angel Bracelets. I wanted one that was elegant, not too big, (a charm on a bracelet tends to get in the way if it's too large), and could be given to anyone- mother, sister, friend, aunt, grandmother...

I think I found it.

I love the heart charm on both of these Hope Angel Bracelets. I also included what's become my "signature angel wing" charm to keep in line with the meaning behind the bracelets: Hope and Angels.

Because Valentine's Day is just around the corner, I made a couple of red Hope Angel Bracelets in Swarovski crystal. They vary in design a bit, but both have the same charms. You choose your colors, size, charms- anything! If I have what you need in stock, I'll make it. If I don't, I'll do my very best to get it.

Thank you for visiting Hope Angel Bracelets. Oh, and just a reminder, I ship for free in the U.S.A.

Have a day filled with hope...and angels. :)

Baby loss remembrance bracelets. Hope Angel Bracelets

by Ellen DuBois on 02/05/14

When I recieve a message from someone who has suffered the loss of a baby to miscarriage or stillbirth, my heart goes to them. My prayers, too.

I know the heartache.

These baby loss remembrance bracelets are for a woman who lost her precious baby at 22 weeks pregnant.

They are in the colors & charms she requested.

I can only hope these bracelets do justice to the love she will always have for her little one in Heaven.

God Bless and may angels surround you,

Ellen, Hope Angel Bracelets

Greens, Clovers and Angel Wings for Saint Patrick's Day!

by Ellen DuBois on 02/02/14

I really enjoyed making this bracelet for Saint Patrick's Day. It's perfect for anyone who loves greens, four leaf clovers, loves the Irish and angels!

To me, this Hope Angel Bracelet represents several things. Swarovski crystal is beautiful. I love how it captures the light and adds a perfect touch of sparkle to any outfit. I also love the color green and, (bonus!), it's my birthstone. While I'm not Irish, (well, a little bit!), I love stories and pictures of Ireland. I've always considered finding a four leaf lucky!

On a different note, on Saint Patrick's Day of 1986, I learned of my Grammy's passing. She wasn't old, but it was her time. She was a beautiful, wonderful person and dancer. I treasure the memories of our family visits to Fairfield, Connecticut every summer as family to visit her. There's a special place in my heart for Grammy, and I always think of her on Saint Patrick's Day.

Hope Angel Bracelets mean so many different things to everyone. We all have our memories, reasons, likes and so on. That's why I love making each bracelet per request. I know they mean something special and it's a wonderful feeling to do something special for someone.

Thank you for visiting Hope Angel Bracelets. Have a day filled with love, hope and...angels.


"Love" Hope Angel Bracelet

by Ellen DuBois on 01/24/14

(I changed the design a bit on this bracelet. I used red and clear Swarovski crystal with three spacers in between each bead, a Love charm and an angel's wing. It's a stretch bracelet, easy to slip on/off, and shown in a size medium, a bit over 7")

Love. We think about it when Valentine's Day approaches. There are so many ways to express love. Romantic love is the most thought about, and advertised, around this time of year. It seems like every TV commercial is about romance! There's nothing wrong with that, but, there are so many kinds of love: friendship, mother, sister, family and more. We love all year long and those we love are the most precious gifts in our lives.

I made this Love Hope Angel Bracelet as a wonderful Valentine's Day gift, but it's really a bracelet to be worn every day. Every day you think about, and treasure, the ones you love and those who love you.

Have a wonderful day filled with love and angels! Thank you for visiting Hope Angel Bracelets.

Hope Angel Bracelets- A gift for a friend in the hospital.

by Ellen DuBois on 01/20/14


Thank you for visiting Hope Angel Bracelets. I took some beautiful pictures of the sunrise after making a bracelet for an elderly woman who is in a nursing home.  I love her very much.

The last time I saw her, she mentioned how she'd like a green bracelet. This morning, before the sun rose, I made her one. I plan on seeing her today and hope she likes it.

Green Swarovski crystal is beautiful and I used two round beads with a rondelle, (flatter round in shape) bead in-between. I know my friend has been to Ireland several times and loved it, so I used a four leaf clover charm, alone with an angel's wing.

Actually, I think my mother would love one too, with Saint Patrick's Day around the corner! So, I guess I'll be making another while the green is still out. :)

Have a wonderful day, and please don't hesitate to contact me if there's a particular bracelet you'd like made. You choose the colors, the charm(s), size, etc.



Hope Angel Bracelets- Customized for YOU!

by Ellen DuBois on 01/18/14

Hello and thank you for visiting Hope Angel Bracelets.

I love special requests. Most of my bracelets are made based upon someone's requests. Some, I create myself based on the person I'm making it for. That's the case with the bracelet shown here. I made this as a birthday gift for one of my piano students. I know she loves blue, plays basketball and plays the piano. So, I set my imagination free and came up with a bracelets that represents her.

It's fun!

This bracelets was made with light blue AB Swarovski crystal, Tibetan and Bling spacers with three charms: music notes, a basketball and of course, and angel's wing. I like to add that to any bracelet I make because, after all, they're Hope Angel Bracelets!

This is one of the prettiest Swarovski crystal colors I've seen. "AB stands for Aurora Boreale- a special coating that is applied to the surface of a glass stone or bead to produces a very light rainbow effect that leans toward a pale yellow tone, but shimmers in pink and blue. This coating is most effective on Crystal stones but gives a beautiful depth and hue to other colors. When applied on a color, it changes the color just slightly and gives it a rainbow effect."

Have a wonderful day filled with hope and angels :)


Faith and an Angel's Wing

by Ellen DuBois on 01/06/14

Hello and thank you for visiting Hope Angel Bracelets.

So much of what I do is based on inspiration. It can come in all forms. Sometimes, we find ourselves in a very trying time. We may feel lost, afraid, confused or alone.

We may feel our faith is being tested.

That's what inspired me to make this Hope Angel Bracelet. I chose shades of topaz Swarovski crystal because it just struck me to do so. The "Faith" charm serves as a reminder to keep the faith, especially during trying times. The angel wing is like a gentle nudge, letting you know your angels are near. They protect and guide you- just ask. Sometimes, we need to be reminded to ask- and that's what the little wing charm does.

Hope Angel Bracelets are meant to make you feel good, to give your faith a lift and to bring a smile to your face. They are meant to encourage and represent what is solid even when life feels upside down.

They mean something different to everyone, depending on where they're at in life. But, they all are special, unique and beautiful- just like you!

Have a wonderful day, and thanks for stopping by.


Hope Angel Bracelets: Change in the New Year

by Ellen DuBois on 12/31/13

Hello Everyone,

Thanks for visiting Hope Angel Bracelets. I've been busy making bracelets for a dance recital in June. I know it sounds like a long way off, but when you've got a lot of them to make, it's good to stay ahead of it!

Today, I made something different, (for myself!), to wear on New Year's Eve. I love black, clear and silver, so I combined them into a Hope Angel Bracelet using Swarovski crystal beads, black "bling" spacers, and the Tibetan silver spacers in between. My favorite angel charm and an angel wing are attached. I was inspired to make a pair of earrings to match and love them! They're not too heavy and add a real 'sparkle' around my face.

If you look at the bracelet, you'll notice the spacer nearest the angel is not black...it's clear. You don't notice it while wearing it, but, it means something: CHANGE in the New Year. Every time I look at it, it serves to remind me that how I live my life in the new year is up to me. If there is to be change, it has to begin with me- as it does with everyone.

Happy New Year to you! May it be filled with health, happiness, abundance, and...angels :)


Black and Silver- My "Go To" Colors

by Ellen DuBois on 12/29/13

Hello and thanks for stopping by Hope Angel Bracelets! It was a very busy Christmas season and I'm SO grateful for it. I made Hope Angel Bracelets in all kinds of colors and sizes with different charms for adults and children! Each bracelet as unique as the person wearing it.

I have two Hope Angel Bracelets I tend to wear every day. One is black and the other silver. They're what I call my "go to" colors. I wear a lot of black and love silver or white gold jewelry, so it makes sense. They match everything I wear and my personality.

Don't get me wrong. I do change it up a bit. But, these are my "go to" colors. Do you have any "go to" accessories you wear nearly all the time? I'd love to hear about it! Leave a comment or drop me an email at info@hopeangelbracelets.com.

I'm busy working on some bracelets that aren't needed until June, but it's a big order. They are for a dance school and will be sold at the recital as gifts. I did it last year and loved it. This year, I'm preparing about three times the amount, (there are two schools and four shows). Staying ahead of it will make things a lot easier, and give me time to order Swarovski crystal beads, etc., if I need to.

Happy New Year to all. May it be filled with health, happiness and...Hope.

Hope Angel Bracelets: Gifts with Meaning All Year Long

by Ellen DuBois on 12/20/13

I loved making this set of Hope Angel Bracelets. One is specifically for Christmas/the holiday season, while the other can be worn all year long. The "Merry and Bright" bracelet has red Swarovski crystal with alternating silver and gold Tibetan silver spacers. The other bracelet was made with beautiful Swarovski crystal in a light, gray color with what's become the 'signature' Hope Angel charm attached.

I didn't think of this idea myself! As many of the wonderful ideas I receive, this was a request. Thank you for your wonderful ideas!

Two Hope Angel Bracelets are just $25.00 and are made for you, in whatever size(s) you choose along with colors and charms of your choice.

They are packaged in beautiful, organza bags.

Have a wonderful day, and thank you for visiting Hope Angel Bracelets!

Remembering Newtown: Thoughts, Prayers, Comfort

by Ellen DuBois on 12/13/13

We remember the 26 lives lost in Newtown, 12-14-12. May you be surrounded by the comfort of angels.-

God Bless,

Ellen M. DuBois

Click on any small Hope Angel Bracelet picture to enlarge it.

"Man can live about forty days without food, about three days without water, about eight minutes without air, but only for one second without hope.”

Hope Angel Bracelets
Image by Cool Text: Free Logos and Buttons - Create An Image Just Like This

Hope Angel Bracelets- Give the gift of hope to someone who could use a 'faith lift', some cheering up, or for any reason...and give one to yourself! $14.00 each, two for $25.00, plus FREE shipping in the U.S.A. Packaged in a lovely, organza bag, ready for gift-giving!

Please visit the Hope Angel Bracelet Picture Gallery by clicking HERE.

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Never let go of hope. One day you will see that it all has finally come together. What you have always wished for has finally come to be. You will look back and laugh at what has passed and you will ask yourself... How did I get through all of that?

Friends, Hope Angel Bracelet, clear Swarovski crystal, Tibetan silver spacers, goes wtih anything. Perfect gift for your friends :)
Hope Angel Bracelets for a group of lovely women participating in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. I was honored to create these bracelets for them. Honored. Pink and more pink Swarovski crystals were used!
20 Angels in memory of 20 children, made for Newtown, CT with much love.
Say I Love You this Valentine's Day, or any day, with a Hope Angel Bracelet! Perfect gift for friends, sisters, mothers, or for sweethearts. Made of Swarovski Crystal, your choice of colors and charms. Stretch bracelet, small, medium, large, extra large.
Pretty Hope Angel Bracelet, light blue Swarovski crystal, hand made, Tibetan silver spacers, HOPE charm. Your choice of colors, etc.

A note from Ellen: Hope Angel Bracelets have turned into something with far more meaning than simply a bracelet. Many times I've given them as birthday gift, Christmas gifst, and more. I've made them in sets, I even made nearly one hundred of them for a recent dance recital! Hope Angel bracelets are perfect for someone who needs a bit of cheering up, a "faith lift", or any reason you can think of. Each bracelets means something different to the person who wears it, and I enjoy knowing that someone is wearing a bracelet made just for them. The messages of Hope, Believe, Faith, Trust, Love, Peace, Rememberance, Friendship and more are all spirit-lifters and they are SO pretty. Hope Angel Bracelets sparkle in two ways: the genuine swarovski crystal and the spark of faith, happiness or comfort given to the person who wears one.

There are many more charms available. Please check out the charms page here.

Baby Loss Remembrance Bracelets: I also have a "Remember" charm for baby loss- with a footprint on one side and the word "Remember" on the other. I know how meaningful these bracelets are having suffered a miscarriage myself.

I feel blessed to be making these wonderful bracelets. They're meaningful, fun, lovely and serve not only as a gift,- they also deliver a thoughtful message to the receiver.

Love, Light and Blessings


Click on the GREEN CONTACT US BUTTON (there's one right at the top of the page on the left), and let us know what you'd like. Or, you can Click here. Special requests is what I do. After I know what you'd like, (I want to make sure your color and charm choices are in stock), please pay through Paypal by clicking on any on of the Paypal links throughout the site.

Hope Angel Bracelets are a Great Gift Idea for girlfriends, hostess gifts, mothers & Mother's Day, daughters, someone who needs a lift and some inspiration, teacher's gifts, best friends, birthdays and more.

HOPE ANGEL BRACELETS are hand-made by me, Ellen M. DuBois. They are hand-strung on durable, clear elastic cord. The beads are beautiful, sparkly, genuine swarovski crystal. I chose durable, elastic cord because one size fits most & they're very light to wear. If you need fewer or extra beads, please let me know.

Sizes: S (7.0"), M (7.5"), L (8.0"), XL (8.5"), XXL (9.0").Custom sizing is available at no additional charge. Hope Angel Bracelets easily stretch over your hand and onto your wrist. Choose your color, size, and inspirational charm(s): Hope Angel, Believe Angel, Peace Dove, Love (word charm), Trust (teardrop shape charm), Faith, (circular charm w/the word Faith). Charms are on the "Pictures" page. They are updated often, so take a peek.

Please look at the pictures on the Pictures Page to help you choose the Hope Angel Bracelet that's right for you, or a special gift for someone. When you click on a photo, it will enlarge. These aren't the only color combinations I do. Custom orders are always welcome! I have a birthstone chart if you'd like to see the crystal color for a particular birth month.

Thank you for visiting Hope Angel Bracelets. Give a Hope Angel Bracelet, wear a Hope Angel Bracelet, and keep HOPE alive!


If you click "Pay Now" it will take you directly to Paypal where you can also leave your Hope Angel Bracelet request with your order. We'll get back to you on color, pendant, size, etc. to confirm. We want to make sure your Hope Angel Bracelet is exactly what you want! Thank YOU.

The Hope Angel Bracelet reminds you:
1. To never lose hope
2. To give hope to someone who needs it
3. To keep hope for the world
4. To see the hope within the faces of our fellow human beings, especially our children
5. To give you, someone you love, or even a complete stranger a 'faith lift' with this precious & pretty reminder that Hope's never gone, even when you can't see it (kind of like the sun behind the clouds). Choose a Tibetan Silver HOPE or BELIEVE angel charm.

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Three Hope Angel Bracelets, amethyst Swarovski crystal beads, your choice of Tibetan silver charms, size, etc.
"Blingy" Hope Angel Bracelet, larger Swarovski crystal beads, bling spacers, Peace charm and Pawprint charm on dark blue and clear Swarovski crystal bracelet. Love my pet bracelet!
Angel bracelet- Clear Swarovski crystal, beautiful angel charm. Your choice of size and colors. Love this angel!
These were made as a set of Hope Angel Bracelets for Dancers- Dance charm. Used for a fundraiser. Your choice of colors, etc.
Beautiful red Swarovski crystal Hope Angel bracelet with Believe angel charm and blue Swarovski crystal Hope angel bracelet with Faith charm.
Hope Angel Bracelet made for one of my piano students. She picked the Swarovski crystal colors and charm. You can do the same. Customized for YOU!
Lovely "Angels Watching Over Me" charm, Swarovski crystal Hope Angel Bracelet. Gold, silve and clear Swarovski crystal beads. Your choice of size, etc.
Hope charm, Hope Angel Bracelet. Light blue, round Swarovski crystal beads, Tibetan silver spacers. Keep the HOPE alive.
Jade green and emerald green Swarovski crystal Hope Angel Bracelet with a clover/Hope charm. Pretty combination.
Hope Angel stretch bracelets in your choice of color, size, charms. Swarovski crystal beads, Tibetan silver spacers and charms.
Hope Angel stretch bracelets in your choice of color, size, charms. Swarovski crystal beads, Tibetan silver spacers and charms. Perfect Mother's Day gifts.
Hope Angel stretch bracelets in your choice of color, size, charms. Swarovski crystal beads, Tibetan silver spacers and charms. These are family charms: Mother, Sister, Aunt, Grandma, and Friends, too.
Faith word charm, purple Swarovski crystal, Tibetan silver spacers. This is made with the larger, round Swarovski beads. Got Faith?
Love word charm, red Swarovski crystal, Tibetan silver spacers. This is made with the larger, round Swarovski beads. Got Love?
Hope and Friendship Bracelets. Swarovski crystal, Tibetan silver spacers. Your choice of size, charms, colors. Made just for you.