Hope Angel Bracelets-Inspiration You Wear
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Hope Angel Bracelets- Hand made, beaded Swarovski crystal angel bracelets available on Etsy. Your choice of colors, charms, size. Affordable, inspirational gifts. All occasions. $14.00 each and come packaged in a lovely, organza bag, ready for gift-giving!

Hope Angel Bracelets are the perfect, affordable gift with a touch of inspiration. They have been ordered as birthday gifts, to celebrate a special occasion, as as matching sets, as get well & encouragement gifts. They've been made as awareness bracelets for COPD and other diseases and they are also made into Babyloss/Miscarrage bracelets to comfort. The list goes on because we all have different reasons for wanting to wear them. For some, it's because they're so pretty! Personally, I love the reminders they give me. I look at my wrist, typically wearing three bracelets and am gently reminded that my angels are never far away, to always have hope and to keep the faith.

So, where do you order your Hope Angel Bracelet? Right on etsy. I set up shop in December of 2014. It's an easier shopping experience, and it's so fun to look at all the beautiful things other people on etsy have made. Incredible talent! Please visit my Hope Angel Bracelets shop on etsy by clicking here. Thank you and have a day filled with hope and angels!


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If the etsy link doesn't work, please copy and paste this URL into your browser: https://www.etsy.com/shop/HopeAngelBracelets

Hope Angel Bracelets on Etsy Click Here.

Hope Angel Bracelets-Inspiration You Wear

So Many Wonderful Things on Etsy!

by Ellen DuBois on 05/21/15

Three Bracelets. Three Styles.

by Ellen DuBois on 05/19/15

Three different Bracelet styles. I combined different size beads on all three. The dark green & light gray with the Happy Birthday and Wish charms is for me. :) Shades of topaz with Never Never give up charm, and a Peridot with light pink spacer beads and a Believe charm are headed for my etsyshop under Hope Angel Bracelets. Please stop by and have a look at ALL the different styles, colors, sizes, designs and charms! Click here.

Thank you for visiting and have a day filled with hope and angels!


Hand Made And Loving It- Etsy!

by Ellen DuBois on 05/18/15

Question: How did I go about publishing?

by Ellen DuBois on 05/16/15


I have an account in Instagram. I use it for my Hope Angel Bracelets and post far too many pictures of my dog. ;) I took a picture of the bracelets I'd made while holding a copy of my book and posted it on Instagram. The caption read, "The bracelets I made and the book I wrote. Creativity is a good thing for yourself and others."

Someone asked me how I went about getting published and how to get a copy of  I Never Held You. I was more than happy to answer her and felt good about being asked.

Here is my response: In 2006 my book came out with a small, traditional publisher. That was after many rejections. I was told there wasn't a large enough market for a book about miscarriage, grief and healing. I knew over one million women in the United States alone miscarried per year and believed there was a large enough market. By 2009, my contract was up with my first publisher who decided to no longer publish nonfiction. With my miscarriage support site up and no publisher, I had to find a publisher fast! I went with Create Space, which is owned by Amazon, and I Never Held You was available again on Amazon.com, (along with some other book stores), as a paperback or an ebook. They were wonderful to work with. I've been with them since and continue to host my miscarriage support site."

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Ellen DuBois: I'm the author of I Never Held You: Miscarriage, Grief, Healing and Recovery and Host of MiscarriageHelp.com. I've also been published with Blue Mountain Arts, and am a contributing author to several books including: Soul Matters for Teens, Sisters, (Blue Mountain Arts gift book), Conquering Panic and Anxiety Disorders- Success Stories, Strategies and other Good News, Romancing the Soul, More God Allows U-Turns. Additionally, I'm also known as "Miss Ellen"- a piano teacher to students from 5 to tween and beyond-
I love it!

Gift Ideas For Everyone, All Occasions!

by Ellen DuBois on 05/14/15

(Picture above) Heading out to dinner with friends wearing my Hope Angel Bracelets. Never leave home without them!- Ellen

Never let go of hope. One day you will see that it all has finally come together. What you have always wished for has finally come to be. You will look back and laugh at what has passed and you will ask yourself... How did I get through all of that?