Let There Be Peace On Earth! #peace #worldpeace #peacesign : Hope Angel Bracelets-Inspiration You Wear
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Let There Be Peace On Earth! #peace #worldpeace #peacesign

by Ellen DuBois on 12/17/16

Just finished this peace bracelet. It's great for somebody with a December birthday because of the turquoise and light blue Swarovski crystals. I'’s also great for somebody who loves the peace sign. There's a tiny peace charm in the back, too, accompanied by a small angel wing. The world we live in can be scary sometimes. We all see the news, read the paper, and may wonder what will happen next. I try to focus on peace, the good in people, God and the angels. It can be tough because we are surrounded by negativity. But there is so much good in the world. There is so much good in people. There is peace- just not enough of it. Perhaps, if more of us focused on peace, we would see the end result: a more peaceful world. I just made this so it's not listed in my Etsy shop yet. Scratch that...it is in my shop now! Have a great day filled with peace! #etsyshop #etsyjewelry #beading #beads #handmade #handmadejewelry #create #inspire #stackbracelets #stretchbracelets #accessorize #handmadeaccessories #supportlocal #supporthandmade #armcandy #fashion #fashionable #jewelrywithmeaning #madewithlove #peace #peaceonearth #decemberbirthday #giftsforher #Christmasgift #stockingstuffer #madeinusa #sparkle #nikon #peacesign

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Have a great day filled with hope and angels. Thanks for visiting!

Please stop by my shop on Etsy and have a look at ALL the different styles, colors, sizes, designs and charms! Click here.

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