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Jewelry to Encourage and Inspire: If you need a gift that will give a lift, Hope Angel Bracelets are a pretty and affordable way to do this. Beautiful, hand made, stretch bracelets with lovely angel charms and/or inspirational message charms. Shipped in an organza bag, perfect for gift giving. Angels and hope are always there, we just need to be reminded sometimes. Hope Angel Bracelets do just that. Hand stamped charms available.
"Never let go of hope. One day you will see that it all has finally come together. What you have always wished for has finally come to be. You will look back and laugh at what has passed and you will ask yourself... How did I get through all of that?"

Click here to visit my Hope Angel Bracelets shop on Etsy.

Hope Angel Bracelets- Dedicated to my mother, Marlane T. DuBois, 4-26-1937 to 1-3-2014, who is now with the angels. Also, to all who Love, Hope and Believe.

I love reminding people that above all, there is always hope, faith, belief, love, peace and angels nearby to help you through whatever road you're on.

Hope Angel bracelets are pretty and make people feel good, inspired, uplifted. My mother and I used to make them together up until a few years ago. She passed away on 1-3-15. I think of her with every bracelet I make. I imagine I always will. I find making the bracelets helps me heal because I focus my energy on creating something beautiful. My mother was beautiful from the inside out and loved making her own Hope Angel Bracelets.

Hope Angel Bracelets came to be in 2009 as a result of my miscarriage support site. I felt the need to expand my outreach and provide comfort and/or inspiration in another way. My first bracelets were baby loss/remembrance bracelets. (I remember how much the first one I ordered meant to me.) One thing led to another and the various colors, designs and charms grew over time and continue to do so.

Some of my greatest inspiration comes from my customers. Their ideas for special orders often makes me think "outside the box" and I love that.

I am also very inspired by and thankful for the angels God put in my life. I know my mother is with me in spirit because I feel her presence so often along with her gentle encouragement to keep on "keeping on".


Hope Angel Bracelets are the perfect, affordable gift with a touch of inspiration. They have been ordered as birthday gifts, to celebrate a special occasion, as as matching sets, as get well & encouragement gifts. They've been made as awareness bracelets for COPD and other diseases and they are also made into Babyloss/Miscarrage bracelets to comfort. The list goes on because we all have different reasons for wanting to wear them. For some, it's because they're so pretty! Personally, I love the reminders they give me. I look at my wrist, typically wearing three bracelets and am gently reminded that my angels are never far away, to always have hope and to keep the faith.

So, where do you order your Hope Angel Bracelet? Right on etsy. I set up shop in December of 2014. It's an easier shopping experience, and it's so fun to look at all the beautiful things other people on etsy have made. Incredible talent! Please visit my Hope Angel Bracelets shop on etsy by clicking here or on any bracelet in the "mini shop" displaying some of my bracelets to the right. You'll be taken directly to my etsy store. Thank you and have a day filled with hope and angels!


More information: You can also find me writing and hosting my miscarriage support site:

Ellen DuBois: I'm the author of I Never Held You: Miscarriage, Grief, Healing and Recovery and Host of MiscarriageHelp.com. I've also been published with Blue Mountain Arts, and am a contributing author to several books including: Soul Matters for Teens, Sisters, (Blue Mountain Arts gift book), Conquering Panic and Anxiety Disorders- Success Stories, Strategies and other Good News, Romancing the Soul, More God Allows U-Turns. Additionally, I'm also known as "Miss Ellen"- a piano teacher to students from 5 to tween and beyond-
I love it!